Dr. Marisa Mauro
Forensic Psychology, Therapy, Assessment, and Media Consultation

About Dr. Mauro

Dr. Mauro completed her Doctorate in Psychology at Alfred University, an American Psychological Association (APA) fully accredited program. She received her predoctoral training at the Dallas Independent School District's department of Psychological and Social Services, also an APA accredited program, and postdoctoral training at the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

She has worked with individuals of all ages using evidenced based treatments and measures in clinics, schools, universities and forensic settings. Dr. Mauro has also taught as an adjunct professor and conducted research projects on personality, academic success, career success, eating disorders, and suicide. Two of her studies have been presented at national APA conventions. She writes a blog for Psychology Today called Take All Prisoners, which focuses on issues related to forensic psychology and the practice of psychology in correctional settings.

Dr. Mauro has received specialized training and experience in psychological assessment. Her graduate training had a special focus on the evaluation of school and college-age individuals with learning difficulties as well as emotional and personality assessment. Her post-doctoral training focused on forensic assessment and recommendations. She has experience providing individual, group and family therapy to clients of most ages and cultural backgrounds.